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Don’t take our word for it

Our green tea is loved all across the country by thousands of people. Here are some testimonials from some people who tried and loved our green tea.

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The Bamboo Forest Green Tea helped to improve Metabolism and Weight Loss giving Freshness. What I found was my clothes have started becoming loose, which meant that Inch Loss was happening. I was very Happy to observe my Body taking Shape. I also found Increased Energy Levels, Stamina and Mental Health.

Jyoti Singh, Mumbai

The Bamboo Forest Green Tea has become an Essential Part of my Routine. In Fact I bought an Electric Kettle and a Green Tea Thermos so that I can have it several times throughout the day. I am very grateful indeed .. for a painfree back and hip joints, due to which I feel more enthusiastic throughout the day and am able to be more Creative, Cheerful and Lively as a Professional, as a Mother and as a Person!

Sonal Dhar, Mumbai

One of the best thing introduced to me was the ‘Bamboo Forest Green Tea’. Believe me, it has way more benefits than a usual green tea. I could personally see improvement in my Hair Fall, Dark Circles, Indigestion & other health issues. This has greatly boosted my body metabolism. Fasting Blood Sugar Reduced from 135 (Diabetic) to 92 (Normal) (43) and Cholesterol from 238 to 163 (75)

Anita Dhupar, Mumbai

Bamboo Forest Green Tea is very Healthy. We can use same leaf at least 3 times. It is money saving. I feel full of freshness after having it.

Bhawana Singh, Mumbai


Our Products

We specialise in Assam Teas. Click below to find out more.


Green Tea

Brown Tea that we all have come to love. Unblended Cheetah Chai gives you maximum flavor.



Cheetah Chai

Natural and Light. Zero Calories. Anti-Oxidants. No Chemicals. No Preservatives.

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