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Our Story

We exclusively source our tea from one of the rarest farmers of Upper Assam. This Exotic Green Tea is brought to you directly from an ancestral tea farmer who inherited and mastered the art of tea growing & processing to perfection & excellence.

Asha Ashta

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I am the Founder of 'AgniShakti Women Marathon Runner' where I am providing training for stamina.


I am an Entrepreneur. Manufacturer of Bamboo Forest Green Tea. This is Whole Leaf 100% Organic Green Tea. It is a 3P Green Tea which is hand-crafted with precision. Plucked, Processed, and Packed on the same day. It is only '1 leaf and 1 bud' and comes from the deep bamboo forests of Upper Assam.

I am the founder of the flagship programme AgniShakti UnLoad which is a 90 Days Weight Loss Challenge. 7 such UnLoad programmes, one with 225 participants and second with 218 participants, have already been successfully completed. There have been over 2,000 participants in over 2 years. Women lost their body weight, body fat, and inches. They became better and healthier. Paralysis gone. Diabetes gone. Arthritis gone. Cholesterol gone. Thyroid gone. Back pain gone. Knee pain gone. Blood pressure gone. Migraine gone. Energy levels UP. Haemoglobin UP.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver holistic health and wellness through the finest Imperial Quality Green Tea which is 100% Organic, 100% authentic, 100% hand-crafted, and 100% pure and unblended, while making the best contribution for the people and the environment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the ultimate benchmark in the green tea world and to bring to our customers 'One Bud and One Leaf' directly from the biodynamic ancestral tea farm into their cup. We want to bring the best beverage on the planet which has an unmatched freshness, refreshing aroma, unparalleled fragrance, and a unique bamboo flavour.

Our Values

Reverence and commitment to the environment.
No compromises, no blending. Only purity.
Total assurance with respect to quality, in all aspects of our work.
The resolve to make a healthier society.
Promise for holistic health: Physical, mental, spiritual and emotional

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